Update on H2gO Purifier Fabrication

We are in the tooling development cycle with the manufacturer.  Attached are three photos.  We first received the clear plastic parts so that we could see internal details.  After some changes, they shot the black parts and welded them together.  The initial parts will be tan, but black was quickly available in the material we specified.  We then did some drop tests and load tests.  The second photo called foot test was a two hundred pound colleague.  He then suggested we do a “real” test.  See the last photo.  We drove the car on to the device.  There was no damage from this test.   We are confident that it will pass the US Military required load test of 300 pounds.


The next step is production of the complete operating unit with electronics, battery, solar panel, etc.  We have issued a purchase order for 10 of these.  When we get those in 2 to 3 weeks, we will operational test them.  If everything looks okay, we will order the first 1,000 units.  It will be late August at best, but more likely September.   We appreciate your patience with the schedule, but we are confident we are building a solid product. Black and ClearFoot Load Test Tire test

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