Making Water Safe Throughout the World

Aqua Research works with a number of non-government organization (NGOs) to place our life saving technology in the hands of those who are in greatest need. Our H2gO Purifiers and STREAM systems are operating in disaster and low-income settings around the globe. Recent examples include Nepal, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico, India, various countries in Africa, Europe, and many others. Humanitarian organizations operating in India and Africa reported the eradication of typhoid in their orphanages from simply using our devices. For every $100 of donations designated for H2gOs, we will place an H2gO Purifier in the hands of an NGO who will see that the purifier gets in the hands of those who need it most. For every $2,999 contributed for STREAM systems, we will provide a unit to an NGO partner who will ensure it is utilized in an appropriate setting where it is needed.

Videos on our website produced by NGOs testify to the life-saving value of our technology. The H2gO Purifier can provide a family 10 gallons per day of safe drinking water for a period of ten years for nothing more than 50 cents per year in common salt. The STREAM system can treat 60,000 gallons per day for a community, orphanage, hospital or other setting. In medical settings, the disinfectant produced by the STREAM can sanitize medical environments.

We are unable to support delivery of these products to specific persons, locations, or countries, but may be able to provide them to NGOs you may designate as long as those organizations agree to appropriate deployment and utilization. Aqua Research is already working with NGOs who are committed to the technology and understand the power-for-good of this technology. Unless requested otherwise, we will work with our committed NGO partners. NGOs are also able to purchase these systems directly via our validated NGO purchase site where we offer discount pricing to those organizations. One of our primary missions is development and deployment of our technology for low income and disaster settings. As a for profit company, donations directly to Aqua Research are not tax deductible, but through the Safe Water Fund, you will be able to receive a tax deduction on your donation.

Thank you for supporting these partners and our mission to make safe water accessible to those who need it most.