About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the water needs of mankind by making water safe to drink and to treat water effectively for industrial applications. Our focus is on small point-of-use (POU) devices and for communities and medical settings for disaster relief and low-income settings. For industrial applications, we focus on light industrial applications such as building water treatment, cooling towers, legionella control, and other applications where a strong disinfectant is important to water treatment.

The H2gO Purifier was designed for hikers and campers, travelers, missionaries, Peace Corps volunteers, first responders, disaster relief, and emergency kits. However, our ultimate dream is to provide cost-effective and sustainable water treatment to the people who need it most – those with no access to safe water. Our goal is to help reduce the devastating impact of unsafe water, both physical and financial:

  • 3.3 million people die each year from water-related health problems. [1]
  • Half the hospital beds in the poorest countries are filled with patients with water-related diseases. [2]
  • Women in developing countries walk an average of 3.7 miles to get water, then often carry 50 lbs or more of water on their backs. [1]
  • Poor people living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more for water than wealthy people living in the same city. [3]

H2gO is a truly sustainable option for emerging countries, offering no maintenance cost or resupply logistics. The purifier costs $0.50 per YEAR for salt to operate and provide a family 40 liters (10 gallons) of safe water per DAY. It uses a rechargeable cell phone type battery for power and can be recharged by the onboard solar panel or micro USB port – re-charged by just about any cell phone charger, but comes with its own charger. The device is available via retail outlets for about $120 but we discount to qualified non-government organizations (NGOs) to less than $50.

We continue to work on commercializing electrolytic devices that are simpler and lower cost so that can be deployed in the lowest economic settings.

Our STREAM system is designed to treat up to 240,000 liters (60,000 gallons per day) for hospitals, orphanages, schools, and small communities in both normal and disaster settings. The STREAM operates on a variety of power sources including 110/220 VAC, and 12 volts DC from a car battery or solar panel. The unit is very robust and comes in a hard plastic waterproof case about the size of a briefcase. Videos of the device are shown on our videos page.

By being part of the solution to provide safe water to families in developing nations, we can help people around the world realize their potential: [4]

  • Household water disinfection is the best way to reduce diarrhea and can pay back up to $60 for every $1 invested.
  • Access to safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide would save health agencies $14 billion per year and individuals $680 million.
  • There would be 640 million more productive working days per year, 544 million more school attendance days, and 3 billion more healthy days for children under 5, together representing productivity gains of $19.8 billion a year.

1“Water: Our Thirsty World,” National Geographic, April 2010.
2“For Want of a Drink: A special report on water,” The Economist, May 22, 2010.
3 Water Facts,” water.org. http://water.org/learn-about-the-water-crisis/facts
4 “Water for Life – Making It Happen,” WHO and UNICEF, 2005.

Commercial Systems

We are currently developing a range of economical commercial units that range in size from the K1 and K2 systems to the larger K Series stainless cabinet systems that are fully automated and capable of operating reliably in severe industrial settings such as cooling towers, aquatics facilities, beverage plants, dairy operations, small municipal drinking water systems, and other applications. These systems produce a mixed oxidant solution that is effective at removing biofilms from distribution systems and inactivating the most resistant pathogens, including protozoan cysts.

The Team

The company’s first product, the H2gO Purifier, was developed by Aqua Research, LLC. Pictured above from left to right are Lois Warren – Product Development, Katie Rich – Marketing & Business Development, Kendall Weingardt – Test & Evaluation, Keith Anderson – Electronics Development, Rodney Herrington – Inventor & CEO, Jon McMillan – Controls Design, and Kevin Roderick – Technical Director.

The Aqua Research team has been working in water treatment and the environmental industry for over 20 years, with extensive experience in innovative technology development and product commercialization. Aqua Research was founded in 2011 with the specific mission of serving the water needs of mankind.

Rodney Herrington was one of the founders and former Chief Technical Officer of MIOX Corporation, as well as inventor of the MSR MIOX Purifier, a first generation water purifier and Grand Award Winner for Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New Award” in General Innovation in 2003 and a US Navy SBIR / STTR Success Story in 2007. Katie Rich was Director of Marketing at the same company, instrumental in achieving market success and educating consumers on water treatment alternatives by answering their concerns and technical questions. Keith Anderson was involved in the development of the first generation device as well. Their experiences at MIOX have informed design strategies with our product offerings to greatly simplify operations and improve reliability for the most severe operating environments.

Other team members also have extensive experience in product development and commercialization. Kevin Roderick was formerly VP of Technology for NanoPore Incorporated, developing water from air technology and man-portable cooling systems. Lois Warren is a biologist formerly involved in research and development at NanoPore. Jon McMillan has over a decade of experience designing electronic circuits and systems for military, aerospace, medical, and consumer applications. Together, the Aqua team has authored over 50 patents issued or pending.


Sales and Distribution Partners

If you are interested in distribution anywhere in the world, please contact Aqua Research

  • Wisconsin PharmacalWisconsin Pharmacal Company is a leader in the outdoor recreation and safety markets. Aqua Research LLC has licensed the Aqua Research technology to Wisconsin Pharmacal for distribution in the U.S. under the name Potable Aqua® PURE. The Potable Aqua® PURE device was awarded Gear Junkie’s “Best in Show” for Outdoor Retailer’s 2014 Winter Market, identifying the most unique and stand-out products available. Other Wisconsin Pharmacal brands include Potable Aqua® Water Purification Tablets, Sting-Eze® Insect Bite Relief Products, Atwater Carey Treated Mosquito Nets and Screens, and BaitMate® Fish Attractants. Wisconsin Pharmacal is also the official licensee of Coleman® Insect Repellents and Coleman® First Aid.

NGO Partners

We offer our water purifiers at a significant discount to NGOs who can demonstrate that the ultimate destination is to users in a developing nation with no access to safe water. Moreover, the NGO must agree not to relist the purifiers for sale to the general public, so as not to damage any retail relationships. If your NGO is interested in the H2gO Purifier, please contact us

  • OB-New-Logo-72dpiOperation Blessing International (OBI) is one of the largest charities in America, providing strategic disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, safe water and community development in 23 countries around the world on a daily basis. Their multifold approach to provide safe water solutions worldwide includes chlorination projects, water filters, community water systems, deep water wells and catchment systems.
  • The Outreach Program is a non-profit 501 C3 corporation whose mission is to provide safe water, food, medical and education to those in need, at home and abroad.    The first potable water project was started in the village of Nkungi in Tanzania.   The Outreach Program met with the local Water Authorities to see how many bore holes, wells, and pumps were in the Ward or County.  To date, The Outreach Program has repaired over 52 pumps, wells, or bore holes in the Tanzania area.
  • Trusted World logoTrusted World builds life-sustaining communities that provide for the basic needs of under-resourced people in underdeveloped regions of the world. Their model first addresses the physical needs of the people, then provides education and vocational opportunities, and finishes by helping to develop a social and economic context for a thriving community.
  • Safe Water International has a mission to identify clean drinking water solutions for the poorest rural areas of the world and to promote local marketplace involvement in delivering those solutions. Their goal is to bring safe drinking water to 300 million people within 6 years. Aqua Research is partnering with SWI to identify recipients in developing nations for donated H2gO Purifiers.

Research Partners

We are happy to work with research partners that will help us validate the efficacy of the H2gO Purifier in the field, particularly in a developing nation setting. If you are interested in a research project that involves the H2gO Purifier, please contact us.

  • Aqua Research will be working with Tufts University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to assess both the effectiveness and acceptability of H2gO in Haiti for control of cholera, which recently sickened half a million people. This research will provide valuable feedback to improve the suitability of the H2gO Purifier for developing nations.

Technology Partners

If you have a complementary technology or expertise that you believe would be a good match with the H2gO Purifier, please feel free to contact us.

  • Meridian Design was founded in 1986 as an engineering design company that specializes in turnkey embedded control systems. Their mission is to use their engineering expertise to design very low-cost solutions for the developing world that can be sold into first world markets to fund future work. Meridian will be working with Aqua Research on a future personal water purifier to simplify and reduce the circuit cost.
  • MIOX Corporation of Albuquerque, NM is focused on solving one of the world’s most pressing issues:  the need for affordable, safe, and healthy water disinfection. MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and hypochlorite generators combine salt, water, and power to generate cost-effective disinfectant chemistries on site. The on-site chemical generation process replaces the need to purchase, transport, and store dangerous chemicals. MIOX Corporation developed the MSR MIOX Purifier, the first generation electrolytic purifier for drinking water treatment, and has licensed the patent rights to Aqua Research.
  •  Arctic villages and work camps, jungle war-torn communities, typhoon-ravaged villages in the Philippines; these are typical places to find CampWater drinking water units. We fight water-borne diseases in the simplest way possible, yet complex as necessary. Light, portable, no-nonsense water treatment, that’s our passion.  Call us.
  • Aqua Membranes w TM
    Aqua Membranes LLC offers an innovation in reverse osmosis technology that can provide up to twice as much membrane surface area in the same size footprint while reducing biofouling and associated maintenance requirements. These benefits are realized by eliminating the mesh feed spacer in conventional RO membranes, achieving the required spacer gap by applying physical patterns directly onto the membrane by a variety of techniques.  Aqua Membranes has validated this technology with a leading national laboratory and is interested in working with membrane element manufacturers and RO system fabricators to implement this technology worldwide.