Aqua Research LLC develops innovative water treatment technologies for a variety of markets. Our primary markets are water technologies for humanitarian applications such as the developing world and disaster relief, and for industrial markets. Aqua Research also provides consulting services for innovative state-of-the-art technologies. For these consulting services, we collaborate with other water technology partners as appropriate to ensure that client’s needs are met. Our expertise primarily resides in electrolytic technologies that produce disinfectants from common salt to a variety of water filtration technologies.

Due to the unique application, size and variability of the market, a sister company, Aqua Membranes, is commercializing innovative spiral wound membrane elements utilizing 3D printed feed spacers printed directly on the membrane. The technology demonstrates dramatic improvements in membrane filtration and has been classified as “disruptive to the industry” by leading membrane element manufacturers. See aquamembranes.com

H2gO Purifier

As a company driven by a passion to provide a sustainable water treatment solution to those who need it most, Aqua Research, LLC set out to create the world’s best personal water purifier – the smallest, easiest, and most cost-effective water treatment solution for developing countries. The H2gO Purifier will treat about 40 liters (10 gallons) of water per day with only one battery charge per week, for a YEARLY cost of 50 cents for salt.

In our quest to design a system that would meet the extreme needs in developing countries, the result was a quality product more than suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, emergency kits, first responders, the Peace Corps, and the military. Our initial product, the H2gO Purifier has capabilities that have never been matched in such a tiny package. In keeping with our mission to provide the means for clean, safe drinking water, we continue to develop water purification products to benefit both developed and developing nations.